Breeze through Planning Your Next Camping Trip   

Isn't it strange how the challenges of everyday life gets in the way of well deserved time off.

This is when the prospect of a camping trip can be a little light at the end of a dark tunnel.

The excitement of a trip starts with the anticipation months before the time and many times this is what keeps one afloat in stressful times.

Even if you have never camped before, you can become a successful camper by learning how to prepare, making YOUR next trip a relaxing time to look forward to.

Everything you need to know for planning a camping trip. What to take, how to set up camp, quick meal ideas and general camping tips, all in one place.

So even if one’s mind sometimes  gets into a tizz when one has to plan meals, buy provisions and work out menus  for a well-deserved break, here all the information is at your fingertips.

Camping in the BushveldCamping in the Bushveld

Who is this site for?

  • Busy people and everyone pressed for time.  
  • People looking for camp cooking inspiration.
  • First-time campers as well as seasoned campers wanting to know how to plan and what to take on the next camping trip
  • Know how to keep food fresh and pre-cook vs. cook
  • AND all info needed to make your next camping trip memorable.

Overall this site will help YOU with all planning, from meals and menus and what to take, for that dream camping trip that you and your family are longing to go on.

What this site offers:

Here are oodles of  get-on-the-grill recipes as well as loads of food ideas to  try your hand at, and fill your camping pantry to the brim

A 10 Day Menu.

Furthermore the camping gear lists give insight on what to take as well as loads of extra ideas to plan Your next camping trip.

We give ideas to make camping life easier such as  lists of utensils that are handy to have while camping and a no-fuss camp kitchen that does the job. 

Know How

With this site we hope to strengthen your enthusiasm for camping, by giving advice on:

Basic camping rules.

Cheaper alternatives to spend your vacation.

The right camping equipment for specific conditions.

Pros and cons of canvas and lightweight tents.

Furthermore we'll show you that camping enroute can indeed be fun, with ideas to make camping life easier.

Camping food ideas, and food checklists to help you plan meals.

Camping menus and easy recipes that make mealtimes a breeze.

Camping lists with all you will need to take on your trip, whether a family trip or a hiking trip.

Dutch oven cookingDutch oven Cooking Photo courtesy Jo-Alda Theron


If like us your wanderlust gets the better of you, join us on  the pages of Camping Enroute, to plan YOUR next camping trip.

Sunny days and pleasant evenings set the table for  hours of relaxing open-air enjoyment with family and friends. Food prepared in this relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature, good company and a glass of wine…

Well...    It does not get any better than that.


Food Ideas for your next trip

Food to take camping gives you loads of ideas what to fill your camp pantry with.

Food list - a list of food to jolt your creativity and food ideas for snacks and more. 

Furthermore,  we'll show YOU that camp cooking can indeed be fun with loads of food ideas to stock your camp pantry.

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