Camping Food Ideas. Does your mind go blank? Ideas to Fire up Your Creative Side. 

Why is it that one's minds go completely blank when looking for camping food ideas?

There is no problem at all when cooking for loved ones at home.


When planning a camping trip mealtimes seems such a frightening task.

We all know that camping is a time to get away from routine, to relax with family and friends. Mealtimes should not be a nightmare.

Memory: I'm not always creative and sometimes I need someone to prod me along before the 'light bulb' goes on.

So if you need inspiration.. here's some camping meal ideas to help you on the way...

Be Prepared

Camping food ideasCamping food ideas

Mixed platter,  Fresh fruit, Cheese, Salami or other Meat, Crackers. Easy light Meal

  • Plan a menu for duration of holiday
  • If possible prepare meals beforehand and freeze to use while camping
  • Give everyone a chance to participate in preparing a meal, even the kids. They will feel so good if they single handily prepared a simple meal like 'Hot Dogs'.
  • Make a list of ingredients needed throughout the trip and try to take most of this unless there are shops nearby.
  • Make use of tinned or bottled food and dry ingredients as often as you can.
  • For bread and pancakes or flapjacks - mix the dry ingredients in advance, pop into a zip lock bag - ready to add egg and liquids when preparing.
  • Contact campsite beforehand to make sure what foodstuff is available, like fresh milk or bread, tinned food, etc.

It's not a time to spend slaving away at dinnertime. Get geared for preparing food fast and efficiently and have more time to relax.

Quick Camping Food Ideas

Many camping food ideas take only a couple of minutes to prepare, without compromising on nutrition and taste.

Think of your favorite quick to prepare meals at home, your family favorites. Most of the time they can double up as easy to prepare dishes even when camping.

See ideas of what food to take camping.

Hunt for quick and easy meals at your local supermarket, such as Quick noodles or other instant meals.

Camping food ideas
Camping food ideas
  • Make toast over the open fire, like Italian Bruschetta, and top with favorite fillings.
  • French toast for a quick lunch or breakfast.
  • Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms, add crispy bacon to make a quick light meal.
  • Hot Dogs - you can even use tinned sausages if need be.
  • Instant noodles add grated cheese and small blocks of Vienna sausages or salami for a quick filling meal.
  • Meat Salad, serve with a slice of crusty bread for a light meal.
  • Quick hamburgers could be very healthy with lots of fresh lettuce, tomato, gherkins and tinned pineapple.
  • Bake whole potatoes wrapped in foil in a fire, when done scoop out a bit of the inside and mix with some of the following: grated cheese, butter, chopped salami, ham or tinned tuna for a satisfying meal.
  • Make a quick bread dough (prepare dry ingredients in advance) roll out thinly and toast slightly over coals on one side, flip over and spread with pizza topping out the bottle, add salami or ham pieces sprinkle with cheese and bake until done. A foil tent over the top helps to melt the cheese.
  • Jaffels with filling of your choice, such as bacon, tomato and cheese, savory mince or tuna and mayonnaise.
  • Bacon and Egg one-pot meal
  • Baked beans on toast
  • My son calls this 'savory mince surprise'. You need to cook mince with onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices of your choice. When done make hollows in the mince and carefully break eggs one at a time into each opening, let it simmer until the eggs are set, grate cheese over and serve on a slice of bread or noodles.
  • Pitta bread or tortilla are easy to fill with a variety of different ingredients making them a quick snack, substantial meal or even a delicious side dish to serve with a main course. See recipes for Broccoli wraps and Filled tortilla, for extra ideas.
Preserved FoodsPreserved Foods

Instant Camping Food

  • Biltong or beef jerky with bread and butter or in a salad. See recipe
  • Tinned foods have a great variety like soups, stews, vegetables, fish and meat.
  • Tinned fruit for a quick snack served with long-life custard.
  • Already prepared salads like beans and beetroot - bottled or in packets.
  • Pro-vita or snack biscuits with toppings of anchovies, smoked mussels, cheese, gherkins, olives or topping of choice.
  • Dried fruit like pears, apples and peaches - healthy snack in between meals.
  • Peanuts and cashews or nuts of your choice.
  • Fresh fruit, bananas, apples, oranges and pears all last for a couple of days even if not refrigerated.
  • Energy bars full of good nutrition.
  • Long life milk, custard and cream.
  • Sandwich spreads and cheese spread on a slice of bread.
  • Instant soup, just add boiling water

Fast Camping Food Ideas

A good supply of healthy snack foods help keep kids happy when they're having fun. Here are some quick camping food ideas for kids.

  • We always have peanut butter handy with a slice of bread it's a healthy filling snack.
  • Hard-boiled eggs keep well in the cooler, and is a nutritional snack for kids on the go.
  • Fill small zip lock bags or plastic containers with raisins, nuts and small pieces of dried fruit for a snack on the run. Prepare some at home.
  • Long life flavored milk and fruit juice
  • Tinned fruit served with long-life custard.
  • Tinned Vienna sausages on a bun.
  • Finger biscuits
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fruit juice, cool drinks and enough drinking water.

Camping food ideas give you a peek at what can work on a camping trip and should give your own ideas a jolt.

Happy hunting for easy pre-packed food and simple things to make while  enjoying the great outdoors.

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